Rick Scott's State of the State Address "Don't Blink"

“Doing what must be done will not make me popular. It will make me most likely to succeed”

“To the unemployed citizens of Florida, this is an emergency session”

“Show me the jobs”

“Don’t blink”

Just a few of the statements from Florida Governor Rick Scott’s State of the State address, that took place in Tallahassee yesterday afternoon amid two protests. One against the Governors policies and budget that would tighten the belt here in the sunshine state and another standing behind the Governor and applauding the decisions that he’s made early on, on his watch.

It was hard tracking the attendance numbers for the Awake the State vs. Save Our State rallies. The media orgs each had different numbers, but attendance was below that of the anticipated amount. Both sides claim victory yesterday reporting total numbers from statewide protests that did amount in the thousands.

At the center of it all Rick Scott stayed on message. His hands in a bridge, with his head on a swivel speaking in short calculated sentences. He got his “Colin Firth” on, stammering in a “King’s Speech” manner for the first few statements, but got settled and delivered a speech that would certainly please his following.

It was an appropriate way to kick off a session that can expect a resurrection of teacher merit pay before the end of the week and a high drama decision on the fate of Sunrail before the end of the month. In between? Property insurance, job growth initiatives, and health care blow-back.

It was a proper opening for what promises to be one of the most action-packed session in Florida’s history.

Flanked by rallies and tension was the only way to kick off a Rick Scott State of the State