How are they doing? Part I: Congresswoman Sandy Adams

Welcome to the first part in the “How are they doing?” series that I’ll be running over the next couple of weeks. Today we’re gonna start with a lawmaker that has quietly been working hard for the people in her district. She hasn’t been on television much, but she has been busy.

Congresswoman Sandy Adams (R) FL-D24

The thing that was probably the most frustrating about her predecessor was her availability. I’m at a lot of political events and I only saw Suzanne Kosmas once. Once! That hasn’t been the case with Rep. Adams. Since she was elected back in November, I’ve seen Sandy Adams addressing constituents 4 times. In person. I say that because a lot of politicians hide behind telephone and twitter townhalls. That’s not good constituent outreach.

Sandy Adams has stood with the party on all fiscal and judiciary legislation, while still addressing concerns on issues that effect all Floridians such as NASA, and the fishing industry.

She participated in the State of the Union “Date Night” following the tragedy in Tuscon, demonstrating unity during difficult time.

I suppose the only gripe I can come up with Rep. Adams so far, is that her website isn’t updated and there is some frustration that you can feel through news releases put out by her staff. She’s only been there two months but, down the line I would like to see her sponsor some hard legislation. If that’s all I have to complain about, then she’s doing a pretty decent job.

Grade: B

Rep. Adams has remained visible in the community since taking office.