Rick Scott's Facebook Townhall

Stay with me for a second. Have you ever paid $10.50 for a movie ticket, $20 more dollars for popcorn, candy, and soda, walk into the theater and have just a dreadful experience?

Light from the cellphones of kids texting, sound missing from the first two previews shown, and after all of this a really, really, bad movie.

Are you going to go back to see the sequel?

This is where I’m going. Florida Governor Rick Scott held a Twitter Townhall in January, and the thing was a mess. We had Rick Scott impostors, insults, and silly questions.

Perhaps, the most frustrating thing was that we didn’t get answers from, who is still one of the biggest question marks in Florida politics.

It became apparent that the Governor’s staff didn’t know social media or were more in love with the idea of being able to say they were trying constituent outreach on a new, popular platform.

So, what’s a Guv gonna do? Try it again.

Tuesday night Rick Scott had another townhall, this time on Facebook and let me tell you, Mark Zuckerberg might have thrown our governor off the site if he saw how poor of a job was done.

What we had was a landfill of insults, questions soaked in sarcasm, technical difficulties and again, no answers.

The most successful back and forth of the night was between the political friends and foes of the Governor, who stretched out comment threads that made seeing other questions difficult.

Still, we’re almost certain to hear the administration bragging about how they’re leading the way with social media and politics.

and that film sequel I was mentioning? Ghost Rider. A sequel to that? You can’t be serious!?

Oh yeah, part two is coming.