My Political Baseball Preview 2011!

Before we get started on this beautiful Friday and 2nd day of Baseball season, please observe current Florida Governor Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist’s contribution to the national past time.

To this day, I still don’t understand why Yankee fans would boo our multi-millionaire Governor. $219 Million (Scott’s estimated worth) wouldn’t even cover the salaries of they’re bullpen. Still…at least Scott threw a decent pitch, unlike………….

I love that clip. I watched it five times before I posted it. I miss Charlie Crist’s media antics sometimes,

Moving right along, Baseball and Florida Politics are a lot alike.

In baseball they steal signs from pitchers and batters, in Florida politics they steal campaign signs.

In baseball starting pitchers are paid a fortune to work one out of every four days, in Florida politics, so are our lawmakers!

In baseball a base runner plowing through a catcher in an attempt to make him drop the ball is called “railroading”. In Florida politics we call lobbying the Governor on transportation “Sunrailroading” (yeah, that was bad).

I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. I can remember my earliest Cub’s memories of Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson. I believe that Wrigley field is sacred and I was in a foul mood (no pun intended) for a week following the Bartman fiasco. I would trade 3 Chicago Bulls Championships for just one Cubs World Series celebration that hasn’t happened in 103 years and that my family hasn’t seen in four generations.

Baseball has lost steam over the recent years. Football is king and the sport moves at a slower pace than basketball. The strike in the 90′s had a lot to do with that but still, there really is nothing like an afternoon at the ball park.

For my conservative readers, I can remember the first disagreeable thing I heard from President Barack Obama. It wasn’t any of the normal stances taken by a Democrat in a Presidential primary and nothing to do with the economy or health care.

It’s when he announced he was a White Sox Fan.

I really can't stand the White Sox. Forget the south side, they might as well be from Mars!

As for my World Series Pick? I’m taking the Philadelphia Phillies over the Boston Red Sox in 6 games.

Have a great Friday everyone!