George LeMieux to join Haridopolos in Florida Senate Race against Nelson

We just got people declaring all over the place now.

Former Florida Senator George LeMieux announced that he is going to run for Bill Nelson’s U.S Senate seat and joins current State Senate President Republican Mike Haridopolos, in what promises to be one of the dullest series of primary debates ever.

As you might remember George LeMieux was former Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s replacement, when Senator Mel Martinez resigned. He was considered a seat warmer for, a then strongly favored Governor Crist for the seat, before Rubio-mania took over.

Crist defected from the GOP and went Indy. LeMieux disowned him, and Crist promptly lost to Rubio last November.

Opinion leaders are calling LeMieux a moderate, but I remember him being a loyal soldier to the GOP, during his short time in Washington. I can’t recall him disagreeing with the party on any major issues.

So now we’ve got ourselves a GOP primary lined up and unlike last year, this one, at least right now, has no sizzle. No GOP rising star. No, state trotting, camera loving Guv. In the general we’ve got a longtime incumbent and no liberal, nice guy, trying to get some love from the President and his party.

Senator Bill Nelson fresh off of his successful Joe Biden “Closet Gate” fundraiser, doesn’t have anything to worry about at this point, especially with the Democrats expected to turn out in high numbers with Obama on the ballot.

LeMieux needs to start raising money in a hurry and hey, he could read Haridopolos’ book if he has any questions.

LeMieux is hoping that his first stint in Washington was just a taste of his political future.