President Barack Obama launches re-election bid

aaaannnnnnd, here we go.

Yesterday, The President of the United State of America Barack Obama, launched his bid for re-election in 2012 via Youtube video.

Dancing with “the girl that brung him”, Obama immediately went for the grassroots message to try and energize his base that delivered him victory in 2008.

This however isn’t 2008 and while other writers have already penciled in his inauguration. I’m not so sure.

We just don’t have any visible proof, here in Florida, the biggest political battleground in the country, that any of the President’s policies have worked.

Relatives are still out of work and the “for sale” signs on foreclosed homes haven’t gone anywhere. If his policies are working, we’re definitely not seeing them here.

What are we seeing? A space shuttle program disappearing, lingering effects of the biggest environmental disaster in history and a newspaper reporter stuck in closet.

I will tell you that the GOP doesn’t have “their guy” (or girl). That candidate that they can point to and say “You’re it, you are the Republican who is taking back the White House in 2012″.

Tim Pawlenty is trying. He responded with this sharply produced ad.

Someone needs to step up, I’ll be breaking down the possible GOP contenders in future posts. I do believe that Republicans can win in 2012, but they can’t let that “Obama Express” pick up speed or it’s going to be tough to stop.

We still have a long way to go before election day.