Everyone loses in a Government Shutdown, except for Lawmakers

We are hours away from the possibility of a Government shutdown becoming a reality, a game of political chicken that will hurt consumer confidence, and delay our economic recovery. It’s a bad 50′s movie, two hot rods going full speed towards a cliff and who will hit the brakes first?

Probably no one. You see the lawmakers that are suppose to be keeping us (the passengers) safe, won’t be affected by a government shutdown. Most of them are millionaires. The losers in the case of a government shut down are the American people.

There will be a lot of finger pointing. Republicans that say that the Democrat’s budget cut’s aren’t enough to dent the national deficit; Democrats insinuating that this is just another ploy to ensure Obama is a one term President.

At the time of this posting, the GOP House has offered a temporary solution, but the President has already vowed to veto it. The Blogosphere or my Twitter feed shows no sign of either side caving, and while this is certain to be a short term shutdown, it’s more of a statement that everyone will remember in 2012 and energize the determination of both parties

So, make sure your buckled in. Our Representatives and Senators aren’t going to notice, but those affected by the delays of this shutdown will.