The Government Shutdown is Prevented. A Win/Win/Win?

“I wish our politicians would stop running for office!”

It’s a statement I’ve heard a couple of times during this budget craziness, that almost resulted in a Government shutdown. That was before, President Obama, Senate leader Harry Reid, and Speaker of the House John Boehner came to a compromise that will make sure our soldiers will keep getting paid, federal services will not lapse, and our national parks will remain open.

38 Billion was the magic number. 60 Billion was what the Republican held house wanted and Boehner was prepared to go after more, but riders attached to the proposal like planned parenthood, will have to wait for another day.

I mentioned in my previous post that everyone lost except for the politicians in the event of a government shut down.

It would appear now that everyone wins. Not just a win/win, but the elusive and mythical scenario from “The Office”. That’s right. A win/win/win.

The President can use this as a talking point for his re-election campaign. His speech mentioned that this budget “Invests in our future, while making the largest annual spending cut in our history”.

Republicans can say this won this battle “to keep government spending down, to create a better environment for job creation.”

You and I can go on living our lives, knowing that our Government is operating and everyone is being taken care of.

I heard somewhere in the Twitterverse that this was the new bi-partisan way of doing business in Washington.

That should make C-Span a little more exiting.