Politifact find Randolph's Speaker claim "False"

When you’re riding that media wave and slamming your political enemies, you’ve got to make sure your playing by the rules and talking the truth.

Politifact is always watching.

Last week, I wrote about Florida State Representative Scott Randolph’s he said/well ….he said adventures in Tallahassee, when he said that he had been warned about using the word “uterus” on the house floor.

I’ll never be against anyone defending their pro-life or pro-choice beliefs, but Randolph set bi-partisanship back a couple of more years in Tallahassee with his accusations of calling the Republican majority “Radical”.

Randolph and others came up with the idea of incorporatemyuterus.com and made the rounds on the talks shows, and it got him on Rachel Maddow.

Now, I thought he got a few things wrong, but the fact checking watchdogs at Politicfact put Randolph’s claim that the speaker of the house in 4 years had only been on the ballot once to their truth tests.

“We have a guy who is going to be speaker of the House in four years, and his name has been on the ballot one time.”

Politifact finds this claim : False

He got his time lines and names confused. Will Weatherford, Chris Dorworth, they’re all the same right? All Republican’s have to be evil, right? He would rather negotiate with a school of piranha in kiddie pool, while wearing pork chop pants, than work with any conservative on making Florida better.

Anyhow, Randolph has always spun facts like a DJ and hopefully he’ll be a little more careful next time, but I doubt it.