Rick Scott vs. Buckethead!? Who ya got?

There are a lot of Central Florida celebrities, that I would expect to step up and challenge our unpopular Governor.

A well funded philanthropist.

A frequent talking head from the left, like Alan Grayson.

If you were to tell me, that it was a radio personality, then off the top of my head, I would think of someone who was vocally critical of the Governor on a daily basis, like Jim Philips.

That last pick would be close, but I’d be on the wrong program. Instead, when Rick Scott gets his press briefing tomorrow, he’ll be told that he’s been challenged on his “Let’s Get to Work” street cred.

“Governor, there is a gentlemen from Orlando named…ahem Buckethead. He’s has issued you, a jobs challenged

This isn’t the first time that Buckethead has worked with government to try and help the community. He’s ran the “BS saves Christmas campaign with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer” that resulted in hundreds of his listeners decorating downtown, when the city’s budget fell short.

Buckethead has vowed that his show “The BS” will put more people to work than, Governor Scott over the next 30 day. They’ll throw a job fair, give some airtime to employers hiring, and run a jobs segment on his show.

Now, we all know Governor Scott isn’t going to get involved or even comment on this campaign, and either side can twist or spin the numbers to favor their efforts, but this clever contest should at least put a few dozen people back to work and that’s what matters.

Buckethead has said that he hopes, he loses. I hope so too. It would be a sad, sad statement on our recovery efforts if he doesn’t.

You can find the full campaign here.