The Scott Era is over 100 days old. What if Alex Sink would have won?

It’s hard to believe, it’s already been over 100 days since, Florida Governor Rick Scott has been in office. There are plenty of articles out there right now that are grading his performance, and you’ll see that on this blog at about the 6 month mark. It’s fun to reflect on the “what if’s” in politics and how things would be different today.

What if Alex Sink had won in November?

What if the former Nations Bank CEO had capture those two elusive points in the polls, that would have sat her in the Governor’s mansion and saved her the title of “Worst Candidate of 2010″?

Now, Republicans still have a veto proof majority in the legislature so, the headaches that the Democrats are going through now, wouldn’t completely go away, but there would be a few big differences.

Bring on the trains!: Oh yeah, cha-ching. 2.4 billion dollars of cash-money homie! The stimulus money that Rick Scott turned away would have been happily accepted by, a would be Governor Sink. The bullet train from OIA to Tampa would have been green lit and about half a dozen lawmakers would not have had to flip-flop on the issue.

There wouldn’t be any suspense on Sunrail either. It would proceed as planned, on schedule.

No “tough cuts” on the state budget:This one has probably earned the governor the most enemies on any issue that doesn’t involve a union.

Scott’s budget makes the tough cuts that will negatively effect the disabled, and community programs that assist those down on their luck. Don’t get me wrong, there would still be cuts and she might catch some flak from her own party, but the save/awake the state rallies would never have materialized.

More news from Tallahassee: The Governor can’t stand the media and he’s got the press behind the velvet rope…literally! Sink gave a pretty bad TV interview, but we would still be “more in the know” then we are right now.

Senator Bill Nelson would have a tougher road to re-election:Alright, I know what you’re asking. How does a Florida Governor who’s a Democrat, make the re-election tougher for a U.S Senator in the same party?

This one actually has more to do with Rick Scott, not being in office.

The left, absolutely hates Scott. Partner this with the fact that you’ve got Barack Obama on the ballot and you’ve got a massive, liberal turnout forecasted. None of the existing candidates are strong enough (at this point) to beat Nelson and Rick Scott’s policies will make sure the Democrats don’t take 2012 off.

There you go. Democrats can dream, Conservatives can shiver. It’s fun to think about those political “what if’s”. That’s why politicians spend millions to get out the vote. We were only a few votes away, from a drastically different political reality in Florida.