What would a Trump GOP nomination mean for Florida?

The early seasons of the Apprentice were terrific, but you would never think Donald Trump was seriously considering a run at the White House. Sure, he’s flirted with the idea and it seems like we hear this every few years. It’s a funny idea so, Trump makes the rounds on the talk show circuit, says a few controversial things, and this go-around is no different.

“The Donald” has been riding high on his Birther message, never missing a chance to call out President Obama and the secrecy around his birth certificate. It’s been working, he’s actually found himself leading in a couple of the polls over the last few weeks. That might be enough for the billionaire to actually go through with it and make a run at the White House.

I don’t think he’ll run, I think Donald Trump is an “Amusement Park” politician who, is only running because it’s fun and in Trump’s case to keep the ratings on his aging television show up.

Let’s say the Donald does decide to run, and let’s say he catchphrases and hair plugs his way past the conservative favorites, like Romney, Huckabee, and Palin. It’s unlikely but what does this mean for Florida?

It means Florida turns blue in 2012, that’s what it means.

Do you actually believe that Donald Trump can survive three, hour long debates on national television with Obama? or that the birther message will fly high enough to get Americans distracted from the economy?

Sure, conservatives will rally around him, if only to beat Obama, but you can’t expect anyone on the left or middle to take this guy seriously. Trump does know that $3000 suits won’t fly at a townhall in middle America right?

I was asked about a Trump Presidential run a few months back on TV , and said that it would be a “Political Nightmare”. I didn’t think he would come this far, but here we are talking about it.

So, if Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, Obama takes Florida. Although, I don’t think the most important swing state in the country will matter.

Trump will have already lost all of the others……Unless, he picks Lil’ Jon as his running mate, then he’s got a shot.

What! Celeb Apprentice Contestant Lil' Jon would fit right in on a Trump ticket