Dyer/DPAC Leadership Out of Touch

Yeah it’s another DPAC post.

There was more drama yesterday concerning the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, when OC Mayor Teresa Jacob’s turned down Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s plan for funding DPAC.

The creative math involved with coming up with the extra dough, was suppose to be through re-routing tourist taxes; the Orlando Sentinel reported. Basically, it was put DPAC at the front of the line when receiving the money from the tax and take your chances with the economy when you’ve got to keep the lights on, in one of the most successful convention centers in the world.

It could best be compared with your wealthy friends asking you to drop everything and take a cruise around the world, when the fridge is empty and the mailbox is full of bills.

Things are starting to clear up a little. The reason that the DPAC backers and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer are shrugging at Jacob’s reservations about moving forward is, because they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on a budget.

We’re talking about a culture that donates a million dollars, like most of us buy a box of girl scout cookies. They’re out of touch and they want the county to take trips we can’t afford, and can’t understand why.

After all, when we’re laying off deputies and cutting back on job creating initiatives, they’ll be going to the symphony.

WFTV published this report.

More lack of transparency, and more maybe’s and if’s.

“I’ve lost some of my confidence in DPAC” Jacobs says. Well, me too.

Mayor Dyer? Out of town (again) and apparently out to lunch.

“If this were my project, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” Jacobs added.

I believe her. Like most of us she’s got a checkbook to balance and if DPAC wants to take some chances, she is not going to make us pay for them.