Florida Lawmakers would be wise to be "out front" on Safe Flying.

Rising fuel costs….
Invasive pat-downs during security screenings…
Through the roof charges, for an additional bag…
Flight attendants that rap safety rules…..

and, now after a streak of air traffic controllers falling asleep at the monitor, and kamikaze birds flying suicide missions into jet engines, a scary trend is developing that might cause some to think twice before they fly.

To a state that relies on the international tourism, this is cause for concern.

We are just now, starting to see business return to the west coast after the biggest environmental disaster in the history of our country and now we have to deal with this non-sense. It’s time for our leaders to step up and start calling for more thorough safety measures. If the first lady isn’t safe flying, then what is a tourist from the U.K, bringing his family (and money) to visit the mouse suppose to think. Let’s pick up the phone and make somethings happen, guys.

John Mica, call your boy, transportation secretary Ray Lahood and ask him what the heck is going on. You don’t have to wait for a rail issue to get him down here. You’re the Chairman on the Transportation committee, for crying out loud.

Governor Rick Scott, needs to speak out on this problem. His state is facing an unnecessary hurdle, in it’s economic recovery. You can wave off rail if you’d like, but our existing transportation infrastructure needs to remain effective.

These planes have to fly safety, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got to have ample air traffic control staff on hand to keep each other company and prevent anyone from falling to sleep. Birds? That’s a little tougher. I would like to believe that our aircraft engineers can construct a plane, tough enough to withstand the fury of a various fowl.

This is one of those dumb problems, that are particularly frustrating because it can be avoided. Let’s go government! Let’s resolve this ridiculous issue, that effects not only our lives in the air but, our livelihood on the ground.