Democrats on the offensive in Central Florida this week.

Daniel Webster, Allen West, Sandy Adams, they’re all conservative elected members of the House of Representatives and this week, they’ve all been under attack at their town halls and listening sessions.

Liberals attending their elected representatives forums, and disrupting presentations concerning the current Paul Ryan budget being debated in Washington. An organized group will stand up minutes into the town hall or meeting and start screaming at their lawmakers. On several occasions the police have had to intervene and even arrests one of the out of control activists.

The first news making conflict in the blitzkrieg like initiative was an ambush during, the last stop on a tour of town halls for D-8 Rep. Dan Webster. Planted activists in the audience began to shout down at the congressman just minutes after he started. Webster supporters in attendance started shouting back and before you knew it police had to get involved and tell everyone to act like adults.

The next day, down in South Florida, it was Allen West that had to deal with out of control activists planted in his audience determined, on derailing the town hall. “It’s a town hall” the woman kept shouting throughout the presentation. She was finally arrested.

That same day, later in the evening during a listening session Sandy Adams had to deal with another outburst during the speaking portion of her event. There are currently plans from liberal groups to ambush her next listening session, scheduled this weekend.

In a more creative (and peaceful) protests. Activists dressed up as zombies and once again went after Daniel Webster, this time outside of his district office in Winter Garden, Fl. Protesters held up “Don’t work us till we die” signs.

Obviously, if you’re one of my liberal readers, you’ve got to be completely psyched at all of this activity, but my concerns are how close some of events have come to violence.

One guy shouts, another guy shouts back, one takes a step closer and sticks a finger in the other guy’s face. A shove here, a thrown punch there and we’ve got a riot on our hands. A terrible tragedy considering we’re all on the same side.

This of course, is nothing new. The Tea Party ran a successful campaign of protests outside of lawmakers supporting Barack Obama’s health care plan, and a lot of those guys aren’t in office anymore. My concerns are preventing violence and keeping a rational discussion in play.

Is that too much to ask?