Osama Bin Laden Dead :Where were you?

One of the saddest questions everyone has an answer for is “Where were you, when the towers fell?”

It triggers feelings of anger, sorrow, and painful loss.

Here is another question and what emotions it makes you feel, when you answer it are entirely up to you?

“Where were you, when we got the POS, that did it!?”

Late on a Sunday night, where were you when the Twitterverse started buzzing about a Presidential address? On a Sunday night?! Could it be about Libya or a high level resignation?

Could President Obama be calling this emergency address, just to tick off Donald Trump and interrupt one of the biggest episodes of Celebrity Apprentice, ever?

What time did you start watching? Did you get frustrated at the hour long delay before the announcement? What network did you watch? Did you go with Brian Williams on NBC, Wolf Blitzer on CNN, or did you have the strength to watch Geraldo Rivera confuse Obama and Osama about 5 times?

Who were you with? How did you feel when the President walked up that long hallway, to the podium? Were you exited at the possibility of the death of one of the most evil men in history? Were you thinking about 2012? I know some of you were! When President Obama finally announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, did you cheer? Were you quiet? If you were personally affected by 9/11 or the war on terror, did you finally feel that one of the greatest injustices in American history was made right?

Okay, enough questions. I’ll share.

House sitting, with most ridiculous cat you’ve ever met. Flipping back and forth between local news coverage and the Mets-Phillies game. Laptop streaming tweets, then one mention of a possible announcement of a Presidential address. The first question that came to mind, was probably what most Americans were thinking. What could be so important that the Commander in Chief needs to address the country on a Sunday night, of all times! First, it was early speculation that Qadaffi was dead. After all, the world has concentrating on him for the last few months.

Then speculation of a Bin Laden capture? Wait, Osama Bin Laden is Dead?

Local coverage switched to national coverage. I tolerated Rivera for about 10 minutes, then finally switched to Brian Williams. Then the news came. I wasn’t thinking about 2012, I wanted to hear him make the announcement. I wanted to hear President Obama say that the mastermind behind one of the biggest sucker punches in American history was dead.

When the news came that Bin Laden was gone, that he was taken down in a luxury compound, like Tony Montana, and that the body was taken in U.S custody, I thought of the victims.

Those New Yorkers who said good bye to loved ones on the morning of 9/11 and waited, only to never see them again. The men and women, I served with in the military, who were better people than me, who lost their lives and left behind children, who never got to know their mom or dad. The tens of thousands of lives ruined by the actions of one man, I thought of them, and hoped they felt a little better knowing that this evil person was no longer enjoying life, while they’re loved ones were gone.

In five or ten years, when someone asks me where was I when Bin Laden’s death was announced, How will I answer?

The place or company won’t be anything spectacular, but I’ll tell that person that when I was listening to the announcement, I was feeling pride for our military and wished everyone who’s lives were ever affected by those tragedies, further healing, the blessings of god, and solace.