OPD Chief Val Demings Retires …Run for Office next?

Tuesday afternoon, Orlando Police Chief Val Demmings retired. OPD’s first female police chief can say she’s accomplished a lot in her 27 years. Violent crime went down on her watch (during a massive recession), she’s stood at the podium and defended her officers admirably, and from someone who’s actually watched the crime disappear from his neighborhood, community outreach has been awesome.

She’s only 54, too young to pack it in and take up boring hobbies.

It broke on the Twitterverse yesterday, that she might run for office. That’s a very real possibility. She even asked the media on hand for suggestions. Well, let’s take a look at her options.

A few days back, the Orlando Sentinel wrote about possible high profile races, that would happen to be in the same districts that Demings would make a potential run at. So, we’ll hypothetically qualify her in those primaries.

TBD Awarded Congressional Seat: Alan Grayson and Gary Siplin in the same primary? Droopy Drawers vs. Die Quickly? The non-sense in that primary would be epic and after redistricting the new seat might make that happen. Demings might bring a rational voice to the conversation but, Democrats want Grayson back in Washington badly and he’s one of the most gifted fundraisers in the state. Siplin is far more vulnerable with his obsession of baggy pants, but Val Demings would be better off staying as far away from this circus, as possible.

FL. Senate District 19: Gary Siplin’s termed out and so far his wife Victoria Siplin, and also termed out State Rep. Geraldine Thompson have filed to run for it. There is some static over Victoria Siplin’s business dealings, and it can be argued that Thompson has been ineffective working with the Republican super majority in Tallahassee. Demings would fare much better in this race.

TBD FL House seat: Re-districting plays a role here, but at the time of this post no one has filed to run for termed out Rep. Thompson’s seat. It’s early and a name from the past could show up, but this is probably Val Deming’s best shot.

After watching the TV coverage, I saw the look she gave Fox 35′s Mike Syan after she was asked about running, and I knew it. Paired with her reply, it’s the coy kind of response you give someone when, you don’t want to spoil a surprise.

It’s my prediction, that Val Demings will eventually run for office, and if she picks the right race, she’ll win.

It would be a safe bet to say she would be awarded the Law Enforcement Endorsements