A Bad Romance? Ted Edwards uses Amway Center Tix to see Ga Ga, Usher

“DJ got us dropping these impact fees?”

You guys know me by now. This is right up my alley.

The Orlando Sentinel reported this morning that Orange County Commissioner Ted Edwards has used $6000 of concert and basketball tickets at the Amway Center. This is perfectly legal and the private box tickets belong to Edwards but, it’s customary for commissioners to attempt to give the tickets to charity.

“Like OMG”

Lady Ga Ga? Usher? Who knew Commissioner Edwards was an XL 106.7 guy? He needs to roll this out if, he runs again in the future. He’ll be in shoe-in for the youth vote.

Still, this appears to be unusual. Former Commissioner Linda Stewart commented on her Facebook page “I have never been in new Center., gave all my tickets away to 501-c3 folks.” and I’ve seen current Commissioner Jennifer Thompson tweeting several times that her tickets were available.

The article goes on to mention that Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is one of the biggest box users. Our Mayor will reserve the entire box for old buddies (possibly lobbyist) and family members. This is no surprise, all Buddy Dyer seems to do is attend basketball games in different cities all over the country.

Edwards has said that he’ll reduce his use of the box tickets, but he’ll be damned if he misses Britney Spears this summer, opportunities like that only come once in a life time. Okay, I made that last part up.

It’s the opinion of this blog that, city and county officials are compensated too well to overuse these tickets. Get them auctioned off at a charity event or give them to someone who was laid off and can’t afford to take their family out. How about awarding them to an Orange County Deputy who exceeded the standard but, won’t be seeing a pay raise again this year?

If all else fails take me, I love concerts and basketball games.


They say you have to be a Beatles or Elvis man. Edwards is an Usher Man

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