Haridopolos Web Ad looks great, sounds iffy..

It’s a beautiful ad…take a look.

The director of photography should be commended, that is a real piece of Americana. The Haridopolos’ look great and the graphics are sharp.

The script….not so much. Let’s break it down by time line.

Beginning- :22: Family looks beautiful, he looks almost like a church pastor.

:23- Talking to a soldier. The State legislature wasn’t very good to us, this last session. That irks me.

:38- Menacing Statistics…

1:04- Gary?! Democrat from Orlando Gary Siplin is that you?! This is a primary, they should have used another picture.

1:12- Balanced the budget? Well, we have a balanced budget requirement in Florida. To the casual voter it sounds good.

1:30: “Passed the health care freedom act” – We’re not sure if that’s legal yet, but that’s cool.

2:02: SB 592 only provides property tax breaks for vets over 65, if they’re disabled. Not good enough.

2:16: Fought for tougher immigration reform but didn’t get it.

2:22: Yeah, he fought for that man but, he didn’t get a dime. This shouldn’t be in a campaign ad.

3:18: Great football shot, great throw. I think every candidate, man or woman should throw a football/baseball in their ad. That will prevent this from ever happening again.

I love that dog-gone video….

3:35: This is a great looking ad…..

4:08: Okay, now this is a problem. All of this legislation passed but,
- There is that balance budget again, which is a requirement
- The health care freedom act again, it won’t fly
- Support for Space Coast that has been argued as an earmark for the Merritt Island Senator.

It’s going to be effective if, the viewers aren’t political junkies like us.

He also spins the end of session “meltdown” in a positive light. “You know, I did my best but, those other guys held me back”.

Haridopolos has had a rough couple of months but, he’s raised a ton of money. We’ll see how this all shapes out.