Rick Scott's 29% Approval Rating

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s poll numbers came out earlier this week and to no one’s surprise they were low. Really low. 57-29. A 29% approval rating? Let’s compare how unpopular the guv is at this point in time to, some other controversial characters currently in the spotlight.

Lebron James is still more popular in Cleveland
Sarah Palin’s numbers would be higher in Honolulu.
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval rating would be pretty low in California, but they’d still be better than Rick Scott’s.

Here is a statement from Scott’s office.

“We are on the path to creating 700,000 jobs, but it can’t be done without making tough decisions. Governor Scott wasn’t elected to be most popular, he was elected to turn Florida’s economy around and help people get back to work. As you will see at tomorrow’s budget signing, Governor Scott will continue to do what’s right for Florida, making the tough calls and holding government accountable.”

Okay, I hear ya but, like I’ve said so many times before. Governor Scott’s inability to inform the public of how his method of job creation works will hurt him, his entire time in office.

If they can’t see you, they can’t trust you.

Tomorrow, Rick Scott is going to The Villages, a super retirement community, to sign the state’s budget. The Villages is a Tea Party Stronghold and should be a friendly audience for Scott, but what about Sunrail? If he green lights that project (and he’s hinted he might) he’ll lose a group of voters that have been with him, since day one.

He’ll get some polite applause from his opponents but, it’s not going to change their opinion on how he’s doing overall. They’ve still got that elections bill, teacher-merit pay, and high speed rail to point at.

It’s a very real possibility that being more moderate would actually hurt Scott’s approval rating. It’s not fair but, that’s the way it is.

He’s got to create some jobs in a hurry. You’ll find that when the unemployment rate goes down, your approval rating goes up.

A 29% approval rating means you're losing support from all sides