Governor Scott's Bad Aim with the Veto Pen

Yesterday, in the Villages Retirement Community, Florida Governor Rick Scott touted 615 million dollars in budget vetoes. An impressive figure that should please a lot of his supporters.

It won’t please UCF, Veterans, or the African-American Community.

We’re all aware that there is going to be fat in the budget and it’s got to go but, common sense would have spared the following projects and cut others.

Let’s start with the University of Central Florida. The 4th biggest University in the country according to enrollment. Now, looking at a list of these cuts (here) and there was some line items that could wait. One thing that couldn’t wait was the Classroom building. Have you attended UCF or know someone that does? There isn’t enough space….for anything. No parking, not enough professors, not enough classroom space. That was an item that the Governor should have left alone and in the Fall it’ll be obvious to those visiting. True, the bonuses that the higher-up administrators collect could cover the cost of that building but, don’t expect them to pony up the dough.

12 million for helping homeless Veterans gone.

We couldn’t count on Charlie Crist to help us, and now we have one of our own in the Governor’s mansion and he just took 12 million away from our most vulnerable. Vets that exit the service without skills that translate to civilian jobs, injuries and PTSD issues that prevent our bravest from starting businesses, finishing school, or getting quality medical care; they end up homeless and they won’t be getting any help from the state, this go around. Rick Scott did 4 years in the Navy, LT. Governor Jennifer Carroll did 20 and retired. This along with the other legislation that didn’t pass during the session, makes it hard to take the Governor’s intentions for helping Vets seriously.

You’re welcome.

Paramore, Pine Hills, Eatonville. All African-American communities due to receive relief to renovate areas saturated with obstacles, will not get the aid they need to improve their environment, reduce crime, and move a in the right direction to making all of Central Florida a great place to live.

The equation is simple. College kids and the African-American communities tend to vote Democrat and didn’t vote for Scott last time. The Homeless often don’t have the identification needed to register to vote. None of these groups are important for the political survival of our Governor.

Perhaps, his aim wasn’t off at all.