Challengers already lining up against Scott?

A 29% approval rate will motivate a lot of people to take your job.

The rumblings have already started that possible opponents have already started sizing up Florida Governor Rick Scott‘s re-election chances in 2014. There aren’t any new names on this list but when the incumbent is getting booed out of every baseball game in the state, you’ve got to consider it right?

Three names being thrown around, three politicians that lost last November.

Alex Sink:The former CFO and Governor candidate lost by just a few thousand votes and a poorly timed text message. The amount of buyer’s remorse from voters that picked the former health care exec over Sink, is enough to deliver her a 2014 victory. You’ve got to hope that her press skills have improved and let’s remember she blamed President Obama for her loss last year. Should Obama be re-elected and if the economic landscape doesn’t improve, she’ll be blaming him for another loss as well.

Dan Gelber:He lost the race for Florida Attorney General last year to Pam Bondi, by a larger margin than anyone originally thought. That was suppose to be the one position in the cabinet that the Dems were counting on but, like Sink, Bondi chose to run against Obama and won easily. Gelber could fare well against Rick Scott in a televised debate especially if Rick Scott’s campaign promises don’t pan out. I could see Gelber winning a primary over an easily stumped Alex Sink but, there is one guy that could take that nomination from Dan, especially if starts siphoning votes from the left and perfectly times his run as a Democrat.

Charlie Crist: Awww, yeah! Rubio was the right choice but, you guys know you miss ole’ Charlie and how entertaining would a Charlie Crist/Rick Scott race be? I can’t believe that Crist has abandoned his political aspirations, he’s still going to have the fire in the belly (for a potential 2016 VP run that is) to try to move back into the Governor’s mansion. That race would be a blast to write about.

A Charlie Crist- Rick Scott race would attract national attention