Five Funny Things for a Monday- It's really hot out! – Edition

Happy Monday! If such a thing exists.

I hope you guys had a great weekend. It’s time for Five Funny Things for a Monday and it’s boiling outside! It feels like someone is waving a hair dryer in your face when you step outside.

Without further delay, let’s do Five Funny Things:

1. Obama and Boehner hit the golf course: You guys know how much I dig stories like this one…. Over the weekend President Barack Obama and, Speaker John Boehner took on VP Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich in 18 holes of golf at Andrews Air Base.

Now, some pundits believe that the two took the time on the links, to talk about the difficult issues facing the country and to present a united front to the public, one that inspires hope that the two leaders of each party can overcome partisan gridlock and get the country moving again.

Then there are others who believe it was all warm and fuzzy PR, and a chance for two men that really don’t hate each other that much to spend an afternoon on the course and watch the U.S Open in the clubhouse.

Let’s go with the second group. Get me Michelle Bachmann and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the Amazing Race and then we’ll talk about real bi-partisan progress.

The President and Speaker were victorious in their golf match. The next stop? The WWE Tag Team Titles.

2. Anthony Weiner on Entourage: It’s true, various sources have reported over the last few days that one of the execs on the HBO show has offered the lewd tweeting congressman, a role on the hit show.

You’ve got to be kidding me right?!

This clown sends obscene pictures of his junk to young girls, behind his pregnant wife’s back and he get’s a walk-on role on what is arguably, the coolest show on television!?

What’s next Charlie Rangel on Boardwalk Empire? Oh, that’s right, he was still in office back then.

Room for Anthony Weiner?

3. Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday: If you missed Jon Stewart taking on Chris Wallace on FOX news Sunday, then you missed out on the best interview of the month and possibly the year, so far. You’re also lucky because the whole thing is on this HUFFPO post. We all know Jon Stewart but, for those of you that don’t know Chris Wallace, he is a formidable interviewer who seldom falls back on anything but facts and leveled logic and this segment was absolutely remarkable.

“Being a comedian is harder than what you do” and “You’re insane” were two shots sent Wallace’s way by Stewart.

4. Canucks Lose, Vancouver Riots: Ah, Vancouver..Congratulations, a blog on the other side of the continent is writing about your behavior last week. In an o-mage, to Los Angeles after a championship win. The lovely Host city of the Winter Olympics, went completely nuts last week, after their NHL Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.

Vancouver mind you….and it was bad.

One photo that made it out of the riots was absolutely brilliant and so far, is being accepted as real. A humble opinion from a hobby photographer? It’s iconic.

If it's real, it's a masterpiece

5. This went viral?: Finally, the five spot is reserved for something ridiculous and this fits the description.

Debbie is it? You’re either a gifted actress or completely out of your mind. Either way…give me a call.

Have a great week guys!