Jon Huntsman opening Campaign Headquarters in Orlando. Does it matter?

Did you know that a Presidential hopeful will have the his campaign headquarters, right here in Orlando?

You might be wondering, who?!, who?! Which candidate? Romney? Pawlenty? What about Michele Bachmann? Who was the candidate that decided to make “The City Beautiful” the heart of their operation to become the leader of the free world?

Well, it’s former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman.


That would be a perfectly normal response. You see, Jon Huntsman has no name recognition, in fact the number floating around is 87%. 87% of Republicans don’t even know who he is and when I mentioned he was the Ambassador of China, that was in this administration. Yes, he is running to replace the President that was nice enough to send him on a vacation to the far east.

That line on the resume isn’t going to help him in a primary that has zero tolerance for moderation, let alone a working relationship with President Obama.

That’s unfortunate, the guy looks like a President and his wife grew up here. Still, there is just too much lefty baggage and he waited too long to jump in.

Hey, if you want learn about him, maybe you can drop by his HQ, on your way to happy hour on Church St.

Jon Huntsman, a long shot for the GOP nomination for President will have his HQ in Orlando