Political Stocks: Who's up, Who's down in O-town. Are you a flake edition?

Well, are you? Have a look?

Pair this with the Jon Stewart interview from last week and FOX New Sunday is political “Must See TV”.

Regardless, of whether you think Michele Bachmann is, or is not a flake, she leads off this edition of political stocks.

Who’s Up?:

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Her stock is skyrocketing right now. That CNN debate was a coming out party of sorts for Bachmann as a Presidential candidate and she’s been trending up since. She formally announced her candidacy today, Chris Wallace apologized for that flake question you just watched, and the biggest brow raiser, is the poll from the Des Moines Register that, has Bachmann in a “virtual tie” with former Massachusetts Governor and, front runner Mitt Romney. She’s been on the news all day and if you’re familiar with Mrs. Bachmann she talks that GOP primary talk, and she’s got the track record to back it up.

Watch your back, Mitt

Herman Cain: Up to 10%! Good for you Herman, you’re in third place. Now, has anyone given you any money yet?

Holding Steady:

Mitt Romney: He’s still the man to beat, the money is rolling in and none of his opponents will call him out on “Romneycare” to his face. Is this going to be a two candidate primary?

The Pack:Santorum, Paul, Huntsman and any of the other guys, that probably aren’t going to win.

Who’s down?:

Tim Pawlenty: What happened T-Paw?! You were suppose to be the guy. Granted, this is just one poll but, come on man. I know what happened. You should have called Mitt Romney an Obamacare architect to his face during that CNN debate but, you chickened out and now GOP voters don’t think you have the stones to take on Obama.

Newt Gingrich: Iceberg! You’ve had consultants on your team treating your campaign like the Titanic, the lifeboats are gone and now you’re standing next to the string quartet playing in knee deep water, while your ship sinks.

That’s it for now, talk to you again soon!