Never Again…Caylee's Law being passed around by Several Lawmakers

The aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial, has finally reached the state legislature. The not guilty verdict, in the first degree murder charge against Casey Anthony in the death of young daughter Caylee, has moved several state lawmakers into action.

Among them are, State Representatives Bill Hager from Boca Raton, and Scott Plakon from Longwood. The proposed law would make it felony for a parents who fail to report their missing children in a timely manner.

The 30 days between Caylee’s disappearance and the beginning of the investigation is largely credited to victory by the defense, with several jurors coming out and saying they didn’t believe that Casey was innocent but, there simply was not enough evidence for a conviction. Casey is scheduled to be sentenced this morning on several charges of providing false information to police. Her release could be as late as 2012 or she could be a free woman by the time you read this post.

The public’s outrage is stemming not only from the tragic loss of a little girl, but the lack of answers regarding her death. This is further aggravated by possibilities that Casey Anthony could in fact, profit from this trial.

It’s very easy to be critical of the state legislature with the hectic environment in Tallahassee and with election season always in view but, they are to be commended for moving quickly, and trying to prevent another tragedy like this one from ever happening again.