Obama's Job Numbers, Last Shuttle Flight on Nelson's Watch energize Senate Candidates

When Joe Biden was in town earlier this year, raising money for his friend and Florida Senator Bill Nelson, he said something very potent and very true.

“If Bill Nelson doesn’t win, Barack Obama won’t win Florida.”

Florida is the biggest swing state in the country, It’s been said time and time again. Florida will be a major player in the deciding the next leader of the free world.

Two setbacks occurred earlier this week that, hurt both the President Obama and Bill Nelson re-election chances.

The new unemployment rate was released yesterday and it was 9.2%. A devastating setback for the President and the Country in an effort to move out of the great recession. The President himself put a pause on political spin and admitted that the numbers weren’t where he wanted them to be.

If this wasn’t bad enough for Floridians, there was a bitter sweet ending to a way of life on the Space Coast.

The final Shuttle launch of Atlantis officially ended an era in Brevard County. NASA has let thousands of jobs go here, and in Houston. People from all over the world lined the streets and the interstates to catch a glimpse of the final launch, that was almost a no-go due to weather conditions. Those in attendance were in luck as the skies cleared just in time for Atlantis to fly, one last time.

These two unfortunate events will be on the minds of voters when they cast their ballots next November. Candidates for the GOP nomination for Senate have been critical of the President’s actions on the economy, as well as Bill Nelson’s efforts to save jobs on the space coast. All three responded through social media yesterday..

Senate Leader Mike Haridopolos Tweeted his thoughts:

Tweet from Haridopolos: 9.2% unemployment, failed stimulus, gov. takeover of healthcare. Is this hope and change? We need leadership and accomplishments

Here is a bullet from Former State Rep Adam Hasner’s statement

There can be no doubt that our nation is in a full scale economic crisis, and that President Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, and the Democrats who control Washington are making this crisis worse.

Former Senator George Lemieux sent out this tweet.

Shuttle's last flight leaves us dependent on Russians, who are tripling the cost of transport to space station. Shameful.

Both Obama and Nelson are favored for re-election but with massive job losses, failing to pull the country out of an economic nose dive could put them both out of work.