Alan Grayson and Val Demings are running for Congress

Like a villain from a bad action movie…..He’s baaaack

The hyper partisan, “Die Quickly”, former Congressman, Alan Grayson has announced that he will run for Congress in 2012. There is no word of which district he will run in, with re-districting in play it’s anybody’s guess, which seat he’ll go after.

He’s not the only one though, and the other announcement could be a potential primary opponent for Grayson.

Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings has announced that she will also run for Congress in 2012. Like Grayson, she has also not announced which district she will run in.

Definitely more to come soon.

Grayson's annoucement will energize the far left

Val Demings will also be seeking election to the House, next year..