Lemieux Money Winner for the Quarter, Craig Miller enters Senate Race

George Lemieux banks 950K:
Politicians running for office, are often compared to stock on Wall St. investors put their money in places they feel the most confident.

This quarter, they felt confident in former Senator George Lemieux.

Lemieux announced that he brought in over 950,000 dollars this quarter, this number exceeds the total of State Senate President, the faux pas prone Mike Haridopolos. He managed to bring in 900k after a huge first quarter. The other major candidate, Adam Hasner brought in 560k, who is exceeding totals brought in by Marco Rubio at this point during his campaign.

Craig Miller is running for Senate:

Who would attack a widow and mother of three on the anniversary of her husband’s death?

Who would do a drive by at an opponent’s rally and litter a church with his flyers, knowing full well that he would not gain one vote?

That would be this guy….

Former Ruth Chris Boss, Craig Miller

I’ve got product knowledge of Craig Miller and his behavior during the 2010 D24 Congressional race was a sad display of character from someone seeking public service.

Anyhow, he’s in, he’s got money, and he’ll get invites to debates and major events.

This along with Alan Grayson and Val Demings announcing today, their intentions to run for the House of Representatives, it’s safe to say.

It’s almost game time.