Obama to be reminded, you can't please everyone, even in your own party

Oh yeah, it’s another opinion piece on debt negotiations in Washington..

As we speed towards the August 2nd deadline, in what is feeling like the fastest July ever. Both sides are trying to grind out a compromise to keep the United States from defaulting on it’s financial obligations. If things weren’t bad enough after the failed weekend negotiations. President Obama (your boy) decided to go on prime time television and give the most partisan speech during his time in the oval office.

After Hell’s Kitchen but, before The Bachelorette, the President essentially threw gasoline on the fire by calling on all Americans to contact their lawmakers and let them know how they feel about the current situation in Washington and, the way their elected officials are communicating.

This essentially set off the biggest “phone bomb” in recent memory with emails and lines to lawmakers all over the country being flooded, beyond capacity. He used convincing language that said he, himself shouldn’t be receiving the tax breaks that other wealthy Americans are receiving and for the first time during a prime time television address pointed the finger at the other side.

This was effective strategical communication. Establish an “Us against them” way of thinking and move forward. Senate Leader Harry Reid even backed up his speech announcing that any GOP plan will be “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

If your a Liberal, you should be pleased right? Pushing back against the “Big Bad Right”. Not everyone is pleased.

Now Maher is an idiot, and a lot of reasonable Democrats won’t see this as caving. This is hardball politics with the intention of seeing their party keep the White House after 2012. You give up the revenue, tout less taxes and push the issue back, until after 2012, in an attempt to win re-election.

Morons like Maher and other hyper-lefties don’t see that, and are too busy frothing at the mouth to realize that this is one political battle in a campaign that leads to November 2012.

If political friendly fire wasn’t bad enough for the White House, the RNC pushed out this ad, this morning.

You can’t please everyone but, if the opinion leaders in your own party aren’t watching your back, then you’ve got some serious problems.