Debt Ceiling Bill Passes House and Gabrielle Giffords Returns to Washington D.C

Minutes ago, the Debt Ceiling Bill passed the House of Representatives 269-161. The deal that no one wanted passed, and now moves on to a Senate vote tomorrow.

Democrats were angry that it didn’t eliminate the tax loopholes for the wealthy and Tea Party Conservatives preferred the Cut, Cap, and Balance act that would have gone at the national debt more aggressively. The current deal will raise the debt ceiling, without raising taxes and throws a bi-partisan SUPER COMMITTEE into play that, must agree on additional cuts by November or face across the board reductions that would effect entitlement and defense. You can believe lawmakers don’t want to touch these, the year before a lot of them will be up for re-election.

Tomorrow, it goes to Harry Reid and Co. where it will need 60 votes, 400 bottles of water, and a lot of patience to pass. Florida Senators are divided on the issue with Bill Nelson being a “YES” on the deal and Marco Rubio being a “NO”.

The real inspiration came from an unexpected place when, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to Washington to vote in favor of the deal. The Democrat from Arizona was the victim of a horrible attack in her Tuscon district in January. The assassin killed several other people and shot Giffords in the head, during a community gathering.

Today, she was greeted with an ovation that brought the entire house to it’s feet. She was recognized by all of her colleagues for her courage and bravery.

In a day full of fighting, and an economic war that divided many in the same party, her presence was the first step for the House of Representatives in recovering for the next challenge that awaits them.

The return of Congresswoman Giffords brought the entire house to its feet