Rick Perry is Running For President

In South Carolina today, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced that he is running for President.

About a 1000 miles away in Iowa, all of the other candidates cursed under their breaths.

Rick Perry’s announcement isn’t a surprise to anyone but, he’s the first candidate that could pose a real threat to President Obama. He’s going to fill that Huckabee sized hole that left social conservatives looking for someone to throw their support behind. He’s from Texas, he’s well spoken, and perhaps the biggest factor that works in his favor….

He can tout job preservation in a bad economy.

You can throw him under that W. Bush, Texas Governor, umbrella if you like but, being a Texas Governor doesn’t make Perry like W., anymore than being a Bush makes W. like his brother Jeb.

Rick Perry is going to siphon support from Michele Bachmann’s social conservative following, and take a fair share of the fiscal conservatives, and “Obamneycare” opponents from Mitt Romney. Perhaps, the biggest loser will be Tim Pawlenty unless he takes the Ames Straw Poll tonight.

So, now we wait for Sarah Palin, who’s been hanging out in Iowa, like she is going to run. She’s the last major hopeful that hasn’t thrown her hat in the ring. We’ll see.

For now, it’s Rick Perry’s moment who’s going to take some of the wind out of the sails of activities taking place in Iowa tonight.

Because how can a poll be relevant if the winner isn’t even on the ballot?

Rick Perry jumps to the top of the field with Romney and Bachmann