Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll

As many expected, Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw poll in Iowa this evening but, the slim margin of victory and the expected order of the rest of the candidates, is what’s got people buzzing.

The Tea Party Minnesota Congresswoman only beat fellow Tea Party Favorite Congressman Ron Paul by 152 votes. This illustrates that while the economy might be down, gold and crazy are still up and Ron Paul is selling.

Without Rick Perry (who announced he was running earlier in the day in South Carolina) missing from the ballot, this victory for Bachmann comes with an asterisk. Perry still got 718 write-in votes.

The new look, tough guy and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty finished 3rd. Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who I forget time to time that he’s running finished in a suprising 4th. Godfather’s Pizza owner and Tea Party Fave Herman Cain finished 5th and Mitt Romney, the national frontrunner who, came into Iowa, got heckled by a liberal protester and attacked from all sides in the debate the other night finished 7th.

The rear was brought up by Newt “I’m gonna fight with the media” Gingrich and Jon Huntsman who’s campaign is based here in Orlando finished 9th.

Still, the game has changed with Rick Perry in the field and Bachmann was born in Iowa. There is still so much ahead of us.

Bachmann only won by 152 votes