Awkward movement among GOP Field favors late entry.

Will Huckabee run? He doesn’t
Pawlenty’s in, Pawlenty’s out
What about Perry? Yeah, he’s in.
Paul Ryan? He thought about it but, not he’s not running.
Chris Christie? Yeah, there’s the heart thing but it’s not serious, he’s thinking about it.
Oh, then there’s our girl Sarah Palin…Man, Bachamann doesn’t need her jumping in. Still, that bus is everywhere!

and this indecision amongst GOP Presidential hopefuls could go on until November.

Michelle Bachmann demonstrated that it’s all about being the newest, shiniest, candidate when she officially entered the race before the CNN debate a few months back. She declared, debated well and immediately took a lead (albeit temporary) in the polls.

Then the buzz started building around Texas Governor Rick Perry. Man, those job numbers from the Lone Star State could make a great case for replacing Obama in the oval office. Is he going to run? Will he? Won’t he? Oh, he is! He wears cowboy boots and carries a gun!

Rick Perry is the Chuck Norris of American Politics!

Now, as his opponents and analyst start picking apart Perry’s history, the shine starts to wear off a little bit. Yeah, he’s still a top-tier candidate but, not even 10 days into his candidacy we’re getting bored. We want something new.

So, who’s next? Well, we’ve still got Sarah Palin and I’m gonna flip-flop here, I believe she is going to run (take that Barabara Bush) and now the buzz is building back up about Chris Christie. If this pattern continues, it favors them to wait until the last possible second to jump into the fray.

We’re starting to treat Presidential candidates like Iphones and video games. We’re in love with one candidate until the next one rolls out 3 months later.

This current buzz and late entry could swing the momentum Christie's way for the new year.