Bachmann tours Central Florida, Obama supporters open office, and the Ruth Chris Stimulus?

A few odds and ends to wrap up a week where, we saw a powerful hurricane just miss us. You’ve got to feel bad for guys up in D.C where, there dealing with earthquakes, hurricanes, and worst of all the Washington Redskins which, is kinda like every natural disaster rolled together on artificial turf.

Let’s get started…

Michele Bachmann rolls through town:Tea Party leader and top tier Prez Hopeful, Michele Bachmann will be in Orlando this weekend. She’ll be in Poinciana tomorrow morning, then hit a fundraising dinner here in Orlando, later this evening.

The timing couldn’t be any better. She’s been slipping in the polls and in results released earlier this week, she placed 4th behind Perry, Romney and Ron Paul (seriously guys?). She’s got to get the crowd warmed up for the Presidency V Debate next month.

Bachmann who was subject to this controversial magazine cover will be in Orlando this weekend.

Obama Supporters Open Office on Colonial: Last night, Democrats from all over Florida gathered to open Organize for America’s Orlando office. President Obama will try to replicate his grassroots success from 2008 amidst declining approval numbers and an uncertain economy.

You can make an argument that Florida, the country’s biggest swing state will be won or loss, right here in Orlando. So, regardless of which side you’re on, you need to get off the couch.

After the office opened, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz spoke to the local media and gave several interviews on television. This of course led to the obligatory Windex run to the Publix to cleanse my television after each of her appearances.

Wasserman-Schultz was on hand to open Organize for America's Orlando Office

Bachmann and Wasserman-Schultz on the same post? Oh, but there’s more..

Craig Miller’s Ruth Chris Stimulus:

After Hurricane Katrina wiped out the Ruth Chris Steakhouse operation in Louisiana, Miller (the CEO during that time) gave 230 employees $1000 dollars each. He’s touting this on the campaign trail and to the media over the last few months. Call it generous, call it a handout, call it whatever you like, my concern is Mr Miller’s history of spending for growth, a key talking point from the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Isn’t it kind of hypocritical to tout spending during a crisis, then spin around and attack a President’s policies who’s resemble your very own.

Not convinced? Check out this “Mostly False” Politifact article about Miller’s Job Creation Numbers.

In the article Politifact’s, expert points out that aggressive, miscalculated growth, following Katrina ultimately led to falling stock prices and his dimissal in 2008.

Look at the company’s performance on Craig’s watch.

The company's value dropped by over 50% from 05 to 08

It was very nice of Mr. Miller to pay his employees during a crisis. Heck, don’t we all wish we had bosses that nice? But, compare Miller’s business background and President Obama’s policies in office.

They both try to spend there way out of a problem and aren’t sure what to do afterwards.