Florida Senators fight to save NASA funding

NASA and the Space Coast are under attack.

The OBJ reports that Senators from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are trying to take more money from the heavy lift rocket program at Kennedy Space center.

So who you gonna call? Your favorite political, power duo from Florida, that’s who! VP favorite, Senator Marco Rubio and ex-astronaut and necktie connoisseur, Bill Nelson.

You can hardly tell it's a clip on..

Together, they’ve asked the White House to tell the other states to quit it and let a much more capable KSC move forward with it’s plans.

You guys know I’m a big fan of bi-partisanship that defends Floridians and in the bomb throwing, rhetoric infested, political landscape we live in, it’s good to know we aren’t going to let the other states from the SEC steal our cornbread.

*warning foul language*

It would have been nice for Bill Nelson to be a little more Eddie and a little less Martin, when Washington was taking apart NASA to begin with, he is after all the ex-astronaut with the ear of the President but, here we are.

So, to Senators Cochran and Wicker (Miss), Senators Vitter and Landrieu (LA), and Senators Sessions and Shelby (AL).

Leave the Space Coast alone and go get your own cornbread.

What the heck is Nelson pointing at? There's nothing out there