Critics should lay off of OC Commissioner's use of Social Media.

“Darned if I do. Darned if I don’t. Sentinel may pick up a story about me making a post about my Ma’s new restaurant in District 4. Although I routinely post re: new business openings, this one was questionable because of who it was. Funny thing is that if I didn’t totally disclose who it was that I would probably be hearing about how I was hiding something. Learning experience:)”

Darned if you do. Darned if you don’t is right…

This was a Facebook response (another story from Facebook, who says that platform is dying?) from Orange County District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson regarding her post promoting a new restaurant in her district. This business happened to belong to her mother and the story was indeed picked up by the Orlando Sentinel earlier today.

Now, whether the connection was pointed out by a political enemy of Thompson’s or merely a professional doing his job, we can’t discourage the use of a powerful communication tool like social media. It’s tough enough trying to figure out what your lawmakers are thinking without it.

Punishing a lawmaker for revealing too much? Cut me a break! Ok, maybe Anthony Weiner went a little too far but, we shoot ourselves in the foot when we use access like this against the communicator.

Thompson’s made mistakes (redistricting appointments) but, if you’re calling balls and strikes, you shouldn’t hold this against her. She gives public lectures about her use of Social Media on the job and she’s the standard when it comes to using it to communicate with her constituents. There’s even a segment on accountability in her presentation.

I suppose she can be like Commissioner Fred Brummer and just have his assistant send out Nyquil laced, commentary. Seriously, You could slam 3 Red Bulls and his writing will still give you an express ticket to dreamland, he’s like the “Ben Stein” of Facebook.

LOL, that’s actually a pretty relevant lecture for today’s political climate! but, I digress…

So guys, in closing, if you want to attack a lawmaker for announcing the opening of a business in her district or worse, a Daughter supporting her mom’s livelihood through social media, go ahead. But, be warned.

This is the stuff that makes hermits out of public servants and moves us even further away from communication and improving the community.