You can't spin zero, Unemployment stays at 9.1%

Ugh, what a depressing post to kick off Labor Day weekend.

You can spin numbers to say whatever you like. PR Flacks do it all of the time

12% of bad can be presented as 88% of good…
36% of something awful can be %64 of something great…

The statistical, glass half empty/half full philosophy. It’s not perfect though.

You can spin a zero and after it’s done it stares you right back in the face and says I’m still the same. I’m Zero,.. nothing. I represent no progress being made.

Zero can be especially hurtful when you’re talking about job creation in a bad economy and that’s whats happening today. The Department of Labor announced that unemployment stayed at 9.1% this month. The worst report in a year. Last time the numbers were this bad, it was the turning point in an election season that saw Democrats lose the House of Representatives.

Well, you could argue “Hey, at least we didn’t lose any jobs!” but, that’s not going to cut it after a controversial stimulus, messy debt ceiling talks, and half a dozen Republicans trying to move into your office.

Now, President Obama has to interrupt the start of the NFL season on Thursday, to deliver a jobs speech that can’t include any recent progress in creating them.

“Enjoy the game guys”

President Obama can’t get our job creators to come out of hiding. You can say it’s because out of control spending and lack of fiscal restraint and you would probably be right but, unemployment didn’t budge. Raise taxes on the rich? Go ahead but, if they’re not hiring now what makes you think that they’re going to put people to work after we take more money out of their pockets? We have made no progress this month towards economic recovery and when that happens….

We all lose..

The President must now deliver a jobs speech that saw unemployment stall at 9.1% in August, the same night the NFL season kicks off