CF News 13: Local candidates worry presidential hype may hurt their fundraising efforts


In just a matter of days, contenders for the Republican presidential nomination will be in Orlando.

The GOP Presidency 5 event will be highlighted with a debate later this week.

The candidates will be looking to court many of Florida’s Republican activists.

“Right now, these candidates are preparing for this debate, this is one of the biggest debates in the election cycle so far,” said Political Strategist Frank Torres.

While some local elected officials have already thrown their support behind certain Republican presidential candidates, others are waiting to make a final decision.

The Republican presidential candidates will also try to raise money while in the sunshine state, but they’re fundraising efforts may clash with the local candidates trying to get elected in 2012.

“Once there is a candidate that is selected, we’re going to have to struggle with how do we raise money with a presidential race going on,” said State Representative Lake Ray, of Duval County.

Many running for a local or statewide office have already begun their fundraising efforts since the legislative session will begin earlier than usual in January.

The three day conference kicks off Thursday night with a debate, and a Florida straw poll on Saturday.