The Quiet Freshman: Rep. John Carney from Delaware

I was reading this article about Allen West yesterday, it says that he is most popular freshman member of the House of Representatives. The Colonel has racked up 222 interviews or mentions on the national talkers. There are dozens of reasons why, his military background, he’s unapologetic, straight forward, and a rare minority presence in the Tea Party. His recent “WWE” like feud with Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (perhaps biggest camera light moth in the game) helped spike those numbers.

Enough about West, it’s easy to find stuff on him. What got my attention was the Freshman member of the house at the bottom of the article.

Democrat John Carney from Delaware hasn’t even been mentioned.

Are you serious? We’re talking about Politics here, where anyone from the Commander in Chief to a creative activist can secure media coverage and Carney hasn’t been interviewed or even mentioned once?

The Rep. from Delaware hasn't even been mentioned once on national Television

This isn’t meant to be a diss on the Congressman but, I feel bad for the guy. Even Sandy Adams from right here in Orlando has been on cable television a handful of times and she’s pretty reserved.

Let’s fix that, I’m gonna do a write up on Carney right now. Yes, I’m here in Florida and Presidency V is this week and I’m going to do a positive write-up on a Democrat that’s over a thousand miles away.

Let’s see, he’s a hometown product of Delaware where he went to the University of..and coached the football team there. He’s a former Lieutenant Governor of the state so, he must be used to being invisible and, he actually won his seat last year when, Democrats were taking a beating across the country. According to his news feed he’s “green”, pushing for solar and wind energy projects. He’s got a wife and two kids.

Here is Carney in action..His Youtube vid is an internet juggernaut with 121 views…

So, you go John Carney from Delaware! I have no idea why the national spotlight has missed you so many times but, it’s got to be one of two things.

1. Well, you are a Freshman from Delaware…


2. You’re actually putting public service ahead of publicity and if that’s whats going on then good for you.

There are a lot of politicians who don’t operate that way.