Pam Powell Running for State House D39

Yesterday, The Orlando Sentinel reported that the Rev. Pam Powell has entered the race for the Florida House District 39.

Her entrance is the latest political shuffle taking place in within the region, with termed out incumbent Geraldine Thompson running for also termed out State Senator Gary Siplin’s seat. Siplin’s wife Victoria is also running for her husbands job in Tallahassee and Victoria isn’t alone. There are at least 2 others that have filed.

Powell is a minster and media businesswoman with a long list of achievements and community involvement. Here are some of the highlights from her announcement.

“Be it also known, that I am fully committed to ensuring that your interests (the esteemed constituency of District 39) will be served and that your voices will not only be heard, but that you will also be vehemently represented and respected.”

“I am acutely sensitive to the issues which adversely affect us, which include, but are not limited to: the overall declining economic climate of our communities; the need for more jobs and small business opportunities; the growing unemployment rate (particularly affecting our district); drastic cuts in the education budget; voter suppression efforts prompted by altering election laws (harboring the potential to adversely affect our working people)”

“My campaign for The State house is to make a positive difference in and for my community and to work with other policy makers in a bipartisan way as to safeguard the prosperity and liberties of the constituents of the 39th District.”


The Republican stronghold in Tallahassee means that Democrats in D39 have to nominate not only a candidate that can win the election but, a potential lawmaker that can work within a minority and create legislative victories for his or her’s constituents.

Minister, Businesswoman and now candidate for FL House D39, Rev. Pam Powell