Rick Perry Doubling Down for Presidency Five

Everything is bigger in Texas and their Governor is bringing that mentality to the Presidency Five Debate and Straw Poll this weekend, right here in Orlando.

Elaborate mailers, calls lobbying the delegates and a convoy of the Central Florida’s most powerful conservatives..

When Rick Perry meant he was “all in” on Presidency Five he wasn’t joking. With, the other competitors taking a pass on the costs of competing in the straw poll, it’s Perry’s to lose and barring a meltdown or unexpected mood change among delegates, he’s going to use this win to make a statement.

The I4 corridor is mine, President Obama…

He tagged Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon to be the Chairman of his Leadership team, as well as recruiting several other conservative influencers from the region. He’s also the unofficial favorite of Governor Rick Scott. Scott won’t endorse him yet but, the two governors have been awfully friendly with each other and it’s difficult to imagine Scott backing anyone else in this race.

The Perry campaign also released this webvid. It’s well made and if you’re a Perry person, it’s going to get you fired up.

So, on the eve of Presidency V kicking off Rick Perry is the only candidate that’s really got his gloves laced up for victory and he’s going to need it. You can expect another assault on everything Texas in the FOX news debate tomorrow night, taking place right here in Orlando.

Florida's powerful have cleared a runway for a Rick Perry Presidency V straw poll victory