Room for One More? Gary Johnson crashes FOX News Debate, Presidency Five

Rick Santorum, you’re off the hook.

Gary Johnson what the heck are you doing?

As if a field of 8 Presidential hopefuls wasn’t enough for the FOX News debate on Thursday night, 38th tier candidate, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has wiggle his way into the GOP debate at Presidency V.

We’re talking about Gary Johnson here, he’s as liberal as they come on the social issues and hearts marijuana legalization. His campaigned peaked when he was one of the first 3 running way back in the beginning of the year but was never taken seriously and as soon as the major candidates jumped in the race he immediately lost his contender status and disappeared from the radar.

The story was that it came down to a disagreement between FOX news and RPOF. Johnson was technically eligible, FOX sent him the invite and here we are. RPOF didn’t even know he was coming until after the invitation was sent.

So, now we’ve got one more setting at the table and there’s only one thing on the menu and that’s our time. At this point it’s at the very most a 4 candidate race and do you know what that means? More than half the of field are pretenders and not contenders. You could make an argument that the other candidates at least bring entertainment value to the debate. Johnson has only participated in one other televised debate several months back and his presence hasn’t been missed.

List of other people I’d rather see participate in tomorrow’s debate besides Gary Johnson.”
1. Charlie Sheen
2. Flavor Flav
3. Stuff the Magic Dragon- Orlando Magic Mascot
4. Will Ferrel as Harry Caray

5. YOU

Gary Johnson is doing no one any favors by participating in this debate tomorrow night.

Gary Johson was able to sneak into the FOX News debate tomorrow at Presidency V