Presidency V: Faith and Freedom Kickoff Event Blogged Live!

Orlando, FL,

We’re live at the Faith and Freedom kick off event at the Rosen Center just across the street from the Orange County Convention Center where the candidates will square off at the FOX News Youtube Debate.

Michele Bachmann has just finished speaking. We’re expecting more candidates in the coming minutes.

Michele Bachmann Kicks things off at the Faith and Freedom Kickoff

Here comes Mitt..

Mitt Romney speaking to the capacity crowd

Rick Santorum after Gary Johnson’s entrance yesterday, he’s doesn’t bug me as much…

Rick Santorum will be looking for another fight tonight!

Ron Paul with his base very much in attendance..

Ron Paul spoke with his very loyal base in attendance

and you know I’ve got to get Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi…

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

I’ll be heading back to the convention center in a few minutes, they have got a terrific set up there. It’s going to be an exiting night.