One on One with Florida Governor Rick Scott

Friday morning, I was granted a one on one interview with the Governor of Florida.

Governor Rick Scott who’s ran the entire gauntlet of opinion articles on this blog from soaring praise to policy slams. From silly jokes to complicated theories of his thought process, when leading the Sunshine State. All of these trends will continue but, after sitting down and talking to the guy for about 15 minutes, man to man, you’ve got to believe two things.

He wants Florida to be #1 and he’s not going to settle until we are.

During this interview we covered some different angles. It was important that we cover issues not always seen in the papers. It was a friendly interview. A year ago Rick Scott didn’t speak to one newspaper editorial board, I wasn’t about to play the jerk card and ruin a great opportunity to give you guys some quality content . From municipal commissioners all the way up to the state’s Governor, we should always encourage a professional and honest dialogue.

So, here you go. My interview with Florida Governor Rick Scott taken on Friday, September 23rd.

Thank you to Governor Scott and his team for this terrific opportunity.