"999 is a Joke in your Town" Why Herman Cain is the wrong guy for the GOP

Before reading the rest of this post, check out this video.

Conservative comfort food from the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and Presidency V straw poll winner Herman Cain.

“If 10% is good enough for god, 9% should be just fine for the federal government”

Nice, I wish I would have wrote it but, as neat as Herman Cain’s story might be, he’s not the guy Republicans should nominate to take on Barack Obama. I’ll tell you why…

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan wont go anywhere:Cain rolled out this plan right before his campaign was getting ready to code and it still did. Presidency V was the jolt to his campaign that’s keeping it alive, not the plan that would drop all taxes to 9%. Speaking of that, a 9% business flat tax? I’m surprised millionaires aren’t trying to jump on his bus while it’s still in motion. If business leaders thought that was possible, the Cain campaign wouldn’t be as strapped for cash as it is. He also says that 9-9-9 would get “Fairtax in the game”. This is pandering. Fairtax is 23% tax that takes the power away from the IRS and gives it to the consumer. How is that transition suppose to work. Assuming 9-9-9 get’s passed to begin with.

That dog won’t hunt either

How clean is the Godfather’s empire:Being a political outsider is refreshing but, how much do we really know about this guy? The good thing about other candidates having previously held office is that the dirty laundry has been aired and washed. What’s going to come out about Herman Cain in the middle of election season if he gets the nod? Has he accepted campaign contributions from the Dominos Noid? We haven’t found out yet, because no one has taken him seriously yet.

Are there any Noids in the Godfather's Pizza empire?

How does he hold up when attacked?:Sure, all of the king’s men are trying to put Rick Perry back together after his debate debacle last week but, when it’s time for Herman Cain to be the pinata, how is he going to hold up? We don’t know because none of the other candidates have attacked him, he hasn’t been attacked because no one has taken him seriously yet.

Herman Cain’s triumph in Orlando was great. I’m not taking anything away from his hard earned victory but, you guys are fooling yourselves if you believe this guy is going to be accepted by the mainstream. The majority of Republicans will wait for Rick Perry to get it together or “just take their cousin to the prom” and nominate Mitt Romney.

Cain’s got no shot.

Herman Cain has got a great story but he's wrong for the GOP