Path to Victory? Bachmann Campaign rolls out plan after poor showing in Florida.

There were two surprises at Presidency Five. One of course was Herman Cain’s shocking victory that’s currently fueling the “Cain Train”

The other was Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s 40 votes that put her in at the very back of the field. What went wrong? She was jockeying for first with Mitt Romney until Rick Perry entered the race and she hasn’t really done anything different or committed any severe debate goofs. You could argue that she didn’t invest anything in Presidency V but, the public reaction has been a cocktail of confusion and panic that’s got the country wondering if she is still relevant.

Her camp pushed out her path to victory last night. Her manager calmly what their approach will be moving forward and reiterates why she’s the best candidate. Here have a look.

at 3:44… Is that Florida?

Sir, sir…Florida, you haven’t mentioned how your going to take Florida.

I like Bachmann but why was Florida left out? Is it because we’re moving our primary date up? Even so, she just threw up a forty at Presidency Five and came in last. What kind of effort can we expect from her in the sunshine state. We know she can raise money here.

We get going strong in Iowa, she was born there.
Ok, you’re willing to let New Hampshire go.
Your playing to win in South Carolina…good,good.

Florida is on the slide but, not in the presentation.

The path to victory includes Florida but, how much of an effort? We’ll have to wait and see.