Florida Moves up it's Primary Date…Deal with it!

The move has been called arrogant and inconsiderate…
How dare we do this after being awarded the Republican National Convention…
Half of our delegates will be taken away…

A few remarks from “the haters” that are jealous over the weight we carry in choosing the leader of the free world. More specifically about Florida moving up it’s primary date to January 31st. Guess what?

We did it yesterday.

High five to you, Florida Speaker of the House, Dean Cannon. I’m still convinced you’re a Sith Lord but you handled this “like a boss”.

Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon scored a victory for Florida Republicans Friday

Cannon and the rest of the boys in Tally have manage to take the most important swing state in the country and once again push it into the national spotlight. Hours after the decision was made, Jacksonville was awarded a CNN televised national debate.

Like mentioned before, there have been some moaning and groaning. From seating and hotel accommodations here at home, to static on the national stage about Presidential candidates having to campaign during Christmas time.

Oh, those poor candidates! They would never have to work on Christmas if they were in the White House!

And, about those delegates. Wow, only 48 candidates? Whatever will we do? Especially, after the other rouge states jump up and lose half of theirs as well; And as much as the Ron Paul faithful, and those waitlisted for a seat on the Herman Cain train (you guys know he can’t afford a train right?) want to believe. This isn’t exactly McCain, Giuliani, and Huckabee we’re dealing with. It’s a lackluster field that’s got Mitt, Bachmann, and Rick Perry, who reminds me a lot of this guy after the debate here in Orlando last week.

The Party will unite behind the nominee, relax guys.

So, it’s happening guys. January 31st, circle your calendar. It’s going to be here before you know it. This is a great move for Florida. We know that a lot of other states (like you South Carolina) will try to paint us as greedy and arrogant.

We call it ambition and swagger. See you on January 31st!