Alan Grayson on Flashpoint

You either love him or hate him. It’s been said a thousand times, in a thousand different blog posts, and newspaper articles.

While I don’t hate politicians, as misguided as some may be, Alan Grayson certainly disagrees with me. Forget his policies. When he took the house floor, he would set bi-partisanship back years. Choosing to use his time for ridiculous theatrics over honest attempts to get things done. You’ve seen him before, “Die Quickly” about the Republicans plan for health care. Calling a Washington lobbyist a “K-street Whore” and of course the Taliban Dan ad which featured heavily edited footage of current Representative Dan Webster, which was slammed by the media and pundits on both sides. It might have lost him the race.

This blog’s opinion of Alan Grayson? He’s about MSNBC and HBO, and not about representing us in Washington.

Still, he’s one of the most controversial figures in Florida and this morning on WKMG he was the guest on Flashpoint and spent time talking to Lauren Rowe. His interview can be seen here.

Grayson gets interviewed all of the time on national television but a sit-down on the local level has been rare. Especially, since he lost last November. Here are some talking points from the interview and some friendly rebuttal.

2:45- “We have no plan to create jobs.” What about the recent Obama American Jobs Act? Alan Grayson has often shown frustration with this administration when it doesn’t go to the mat with Republicans in Washington. The leader of his party has a plan. Is he on board?

5:11- “No one ever hires or not hires somebody based on their tax rates”- You’re telling me that a business owner in this economy who’s already afraid of hiring and taking financial risks, doesn’t take into account what his taxes are?

8:45- “What happened to me as well as to 62 other members of Congress last year was that Democrats didn’t vote”- Ok, he’s right but if you’re raising all of this money, how come you can’t get out the vote?

14:35- Alan Grayson brings common views with Ron Paul and bringing home troops, Grayson’s only bi-partisan “chip”- How can Grayson continue to bring up ONE example of bi-partisanship in his whole body of work? Because there isn’t any more examples, he chooses to pick fights with the other side rather than work with them. He also fails to mention troop draw downs in Iraq. Only 3000 will remain by Christmas

17:50- Grayson brings up that he is running for congress in the new district and that Val Demings is running against Daniel Webster. When asked who is the competition in the new district, Grayson brings up a former Conservative candidate who ran against Sandy Adams- That would be Verizon executive Karen Diebel. I’ve worked with Karen in the past and she would be a far more capable lawmaker and job creator working in Washington.

Karen Diebel

19:18- Alan Grayson endorses Ron Paul- Ok, it’s not exactly an endorsement but, I’m just sayin’

Listen, it’s easy to sit back and pick apart an interview like this but, I’ve said it dozens of times. Alan Grayson is a unnecessary obstacle to getting things done in Congress. He’s not going to change and Democrats would be wise to find another reasonable solution to take the district.

Have a great Sunday!

Grayson will be back on the campaign trail next year..

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Here is your Sunday Funnies Art!