Big Man Backs Mitt: Chris Christie endorses Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney who has been the plain, unwanted, frontrunner in the primary race just got a push. A big push, from a big man.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was having to beat back supporters and the media for months before deciding not to run for President himself, endorsed Mitt Romney today. Just hours before Romney takes the stage for the Bloomberg debate on friendly turf in New Hampshire.

Romney needed this. While he’s still not the enthusiastic choice for a lot of Republicans, Christie’s endorsement should still inspire some to throw their support behind the only candidate who beats President Obama head to head in the polls.

Romney has been the lone frontrunner since the Presidency V Straw Poll after Rick Perry faltered in the debate. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich have also gained some ground in the polls.

Late last month, former Presidential candidates and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty also endorsed Romney.

Christie's endoresment hopes to inspire confidence in frontrunner Mitt Romney